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The high quality and reliability of the equipment is confirmed by the long, successful and uninterrupted practice of its operation by the largest enterprises of Russia and CIS countries in mining, oil and gas, chemical, nuclear and many other industries, as well as in housing and public utilities.

More than 20 years of cooperation with leading scientific and design institutes, as well as enterprises, the leaders of the most important branches of the economic complex of Russia enabled the Siberian Technological Machine-Building Plant to create innovative equipment.

During the fruitful cooperation of the plant with the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, a vast experience has been accumulated in solving the most complicated technological problems associated with heat supply as those. processes, and objects of industrial, economic and social infrastructure of FEC enterprises.

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All products are patented, certified and have all the necessary declarations and permits. The plant has a license to design and manufacture equipment for use in nuclear power facilities. The enterprise was given the official status of “Reliable Partner” and “Best Partner”. The plant meets the requirements of the international quality management system, which is confirmed by the presence of the certificate of compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008 IDT). The plant received a declaration of conformity, the availability of which guarantees the compliance of the products manufactured by the enterprise with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR TC 004/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment.”

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