Нагрев  жидкостей (нефти и нефтяной эмульсии) в технологических трубопроводах.

Induction equipment

Innovative high-end equipment in the tasks of heating, hot water supply and process heating

Электрокотельная п. Таежный, Красноярский край

Power equipment

Complete transformer substations 10 (6) kV. with a capacity of 100-1000 kVA on the basis of RU-0,4 and RU-6 (10) kV are used for permanent power supply to consumers, small industrial facilities and individual settlements, for temporary power supply to construction sites and modernization of outdated equipment.

Electromechanical power steering

Electromechanical power steering

The main qualities that an electric booster possesses are first of all reliability. It lacks components such as a pump, which creates a pressure system, hoses, nipples, cuffs – no hydraulic fluid is needed. Accordingly, there are no failing elements.

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