Modular Electric Boilers

Модульная электрокотельная

Modular Electric Boilers (Titan-M)

Modular electric boiler is an integrated solution to the problem of facility heating and water supply. Everything you need for a comfortable, safe and reliable heating, reliable and high quality hot water supply the Plant provides in convenient insulated mobile containers being ready to connect.

Модульная электрокотельная

Block-module heating station

Heat supply includes all necessary engineering support (heating, ventilation, electric lighting, in necessary cases for connecting external devices, water supply, sewerage).

Электрокотельные на базе ЭКНК и ЭКНК-Т

Block-module heating station EKNK

The boilers of the ECNK-T series and the electric boiler houses created on their basis have the same advantages as the high-voltage induction electric boilers of the ECNK series and electric boiler houses. A distinctive feature of high-temperature boilers of the EKNK-T series is the heating temperature of the BOT from 150 ° to 210 ° C with a high degree of automatic maintenance of temperatures.

Машина быстрого реагирования

Emergenecy Vehicle

The mobile unit “IDB” is necessary to prevent defrosts of heating systems of civil and industrial facilities. It is particularly significant for high accident rate and severe climate areas, where heating disabling causes disaster.

Экспресс – ТЗ
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