Process Heating

Технологический нагрев

The Edison-TSH

High-temperature induction electric heater “Edison-TSH” is used for heating by means of an intermediate heat carrier of reactors and other objects in processes where heating from 115 ° С to 280 ° С is required.

Технологический нагрев


Electric heaters of explosion-proof design ENVI are sources of heat and are intended for heating of heat-transfer media in the form of various liquids and gases in heat supply systems, and also for technological purposes.

Высоковольтный индукционный электрокотёл ЭКНК


High-voltage induction electric boilers are used in closed systems of central heating and hot water supply for large industrial facilities, including factories, mines, and settlements.

Установка индукционного нагрева


In this equipment, direct heating without an intermediate coolant is used for any chemical processes where a temperature of 400-500 ° C is required.

Комплекс подготовки жидкого топлива

KPZHT (liquid fuels preparation facility)

Being built on Edison induction electric heaters liquid fuels preparation facility (KPZHT) is used to heat the liquid fuel in the boiler to 95°C. This temperature is more efficient to burn fuel enabling to reduce its consumption in boilers.

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